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The woke mob is everywhere: Here’s where it came from and how one critic believes it can be stopped

Kelsey Koberg

And Then They Came For The Students: Unvaccinated Will Not Be Able To Attend Lectures

Steve Watson

Minnesota fourth-graders told to hide ‘equity survey’ questions from parents

Joshua Q. Nelson

We Live In A Fraud Of Unprecedented Dimensions

Paul Craig Roberts

ACLU slammed for arguing racism is ‘foundational’ to the Second Amendment, its inclusion in the Bill of Rights

Brian Flood

Germany: Vaccinated “Will Have More Freedom” as Unvaxxed Banned From Cinemas, Restaurants

Paul Joseph Watson

Scientist Fired After Discovering 39,000-Year-Old Dinosaur Bones

Helena Matias

President Biden Demands Mercola Be Banned From Social Media

Dr. Joseph Mercola

Pelosi Selects GOP Trump Critic Kinzinger for Jan. 6 Committee


Elderly Americans Are Increasingly Being Targeted As Violent Crime Soars To Crazy Levels In Major U.S. Cities

Michael Snyder

What Are the Effects of a Contact Shot for Personal Defense?

George Harris

Letter to the New York Times Regarding Editorial on Silencing Hate Speech

Kenneth Jacobson

How to Bulletproof Your Homestead for these 10 Emergencies

Tom Marlowe

The Safest Place During Martial Law

Preparing With Dave

Fred Meyer stores in the Pacific Northwest and Alaska Prepare For Strike


(VIDEO) Why Are UFO’s Being Acknowledged Now?

Joe Rogan w/Abby Martin:

Army Commander Mandates Masks Indoors Again over Delta Variant, Breakthrough Cases


Iowa racetrack announcer gets crowd applause for rant against anthem protests, and then gets fired from his job.


Joe Biden’s Radical Firearm Agenda Seeks To Undo Our Unique American Freedoms

Jason Ouimet

3 Essential Tips for Personal Defense

Sheriff Jim Wilson

“PINGDEMIC” insanity: UK government commits nation to starvation suicide by commanding food sector workers to self-quarantine… supply chain “at risk of collapse”

Mike Adams

Lebanon’s people line up in ‘queues of humiliation’ as their country unravels

Nabih Bulos

‘Pegasus’ Spyware Targeted 10 Prime Ministers, 3 Presidents, and a King


Surviving Socialism

Mark Tapson

Air Force Directed Energy Report Argues Defensive Force Fields May Be “Just On The Horizon”


Portrait of an Evil Man: Karl Marx

Erik von Kuehnelt-Leddihn

One of America’s hottest cities is down to one water well. What happens if the taps go dry?

Ralph Vartabedian

10 Foods You Should Never Dehydrate

 Linda Loosli

America Is Only One Step Away From A South African-Style Social Implosion

Brandon Smith

Thugs brutally beat up 61-year-old woman who needs walker to get around — even bash her with cooking pot. Oh, and they ripped off her walker, too.


Thieves Casually Stroll Out of TJ Maxx in SoCal with Giant Bag of Stolen Merchandise (VIDEO)

Cristina Laila

INSIDER: U.S. Military Officers Warning Each Other; Get Your House In Order; Supplies – NOW

Hal Turner Radio

The American Standard of Living Will Collapse Soon – For Those That Have Made The Hard Decisions And Remain Solvent, The Coming Chaos Is A Foregone Conclusion And They Are Prepared For That

 Jack Metir