As the smoke begins to clear in Afghanistan

As the smoke begins to clear in Afghanistan.

As the smoke begins to clear from a failed withdrawal attempt of Afghanistan (the hasty/unplanned extraction of Americans, Afghan Allies and others) we begin to see a much clearer picture of how much devastation has been caused on the ground.

Events leading up to the failure:

According to the current occupant of the White House, it was Trump that kept the American casualties to zero by having a conditional withdrawal of the United States from Afghanistan. It seems Trump made an agreement with the Taliban where the US would pull out of Afghanistan by May 2021 and if any Americans were killed there would be swift consequences. After the election Biden renegotiated the deal with the Taliban and then proceeded with an ill-advised plan to close Bagram Air Base and pull out the American Military prior to getting out the American Civilians, Afghan Allies and others in a safe and orderly fashion (there is some discussion whether the top-ranking military leadership encouraged or advised against this plan).

Renegotiating with the Taliban:

The United States intelligence and diplomatic agencies in coordination with the political leadership has been in regular contact with the Taliban attempting to renegotiate what many have called our terms-of-surrender. The facts on the ground seem to be undisputable: the US was able to renegotiate the May 2021 date but failed to move another deadline of August 31st (did Joe want to do this on 9/11?); the US gave the names of Americans, Afghan Allies and others to the Taliban in an effort to provide protection for those stranded and facing torture and certain death at the hands of the Taliban; and the US negotiated with the Taliban to provide perimeter protection for the Kabul Airport and the American military on the ground as well as to provide safe passage for those traveling to the airport.

What happened:

Leading up to one of the largest failures in American history, the Taliban began to take over portions of Afghanistan (with our knowledge) and the intelligence seemed to indicate that eventually the Taliban would take Kabul and the rest of Afghanistan. With that knowledge in hand, the decision was made to abandon the Bagram Air Base and take away the air support for the Afghan National Army (ANA). It wasn’t much longer until the Taliban was able to take most what was left of Afghanistan including Kabul and let out thousands of prisoners (Al Qaeda, ISIS-K, Haqqani Network etc…) held in Bagram and elsewhere. The Taliban used the names given to them by the United States plus other documents found to find and kill our Afghan allies and then they reportedly took American passports at the checkpoints they set up but somehow failed to stop a bomb from getting through and killing 13 American Military Service Members and killing and wounding many more Afghans.

Knowing that the American public was losing lost faith and confidence in our Political and Military Leadership and in an effort to change the narrative to regain some-credibility, they used the distraction of drones to strike and kill a couple of people that were supposedly involved in the Kabul Airport bombing (Hey we did something). As the messages begin to wane such as “take the FU#@ing Military and Go Get The American Citizens You FU$^ing Chickenshit”, and as the critical left-wing media begin to retract statements such as “Biden in turmoil as blast in Kabul raises leadership questions”, will the Biden doctrine of “life is hard, let them die” rule the day or will Kamala be sworn in as the next occupant of the White House? Only time will tell. [No, I am not a fan of Kamala]

Should Biden/Harris/Joint Chiefs resign…. Never leave Americans behind?

How many Americans will be left behind.…Will they say the Americans left behind didn’t want to leave?

What happens from here; will our allies trust us, and will our enemies fear us?

TRUMP may have been hated but Biden is a laughing-stock.

TRUMP may have been hated but Biden is a laughing-stock.

We are now about a week from what has to be described as the biggest failure to the end of a foreign conflict since the fall of Saigon. The questions we all have now are; where the F%^K was the Commander-in-Chief (and the entire administration) on the day of one of the United States’ biggest failures in history, WTF happened (how did the world’s greatest superpower fail so miserably after we were told this would never happen), and who will resign?

Joe told us all that there wouldn’t be people being airlifted out of Afghanistan like in Saigon, it will just never happen. According to White House National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan “The president did not think it was inevitable that the Taliban were going to take control of Afghanistan”. We now know that doesn’t appear to be the truth. More to come on what he knew and when he knew it (unless his cognitive capabilities are so diminished that they either force him to resign or they implement the 25th Amendment).

As bad as it was, I don’t think we ever knew it was even worse than we thought. We underestimated how big of a failure this really was/is. It turns out that the US Military pulled out of Bagram in the dead of night like a renter skipping on the rent (along with all the air-support in the region) and then we blamed the ANA for not standing up…but wait it also turns out that not only did we leave the Afghans in dire straits, our own military leadership along with our political leaders decided to leave American citizens behind as well. Our Military and Political Leadership is now the laughing-stock of the world; we look weak-willed and willing to cut-and-run from our enemies and willing to leave our own people and allies behind. Our national security is more at risk today than possibly at anytime in history.

As bad as things were/are on the ground our Commander-in Chief not only refused to speak to the American people while he was hiding out under his table, but he also refused to take calls from leaders around the world. Our Embassy has fallen – we have retreated, and now we have lost after 20 years and all we get is a message that the voice of the White House would not be available for the next week; WTF. This abandonment from our government left all of us asking where’s WALDO during the largest military and political failure in nearly 50 years.

In conclusion: even if all the contradictory statements coming out of this administration are true, should everyone go on vacation on the eve of the largest military pullout of a country in nearly 50 years…President, Vice President, CIA Director, Communications Director, etc…

  • The biggest question left is; who will resign and when?
  • Are the people on the ground getting conflicting advice on what to do to get out of Afghanistan?
  • Do you think arming the Taliban with our weapons to use against us and our allies is a reason to resign?
  • Do you think turning over our allies to be tortured and killed is a reason to resign?
  • Do you think turning over young girls to be raped and murdered by the Taliban is a reason to resign?
  • Do you believe the #METOO movement has shown itself to the world to be a sham (where are they now and why aren’t they not out fighting for woman and little girls in Afghanistan)?
  • Do you believe turning over $1 Trillion to the Taliban is a reason to resign?
  • What are our allies in Taiwan/Israel/Ukraine thinking today?
  • What are our enemies China/Iran/Russia thinking today?
  • Should Biden/Harris/Joint Chiefs resign today?….Never leave Americans behind?

Food Insecurity in America – The Chinese Influence

Does China pose a national security risk to the United States through our fragile American food system?

According to Rep. Dan Newhouse “The current trend in the U.S. is leading us toward the creation of a Chinese-owned agricultural land monopoly”. This recent concern is in line with VP Pence’s statement to the Heritage Foundation that “America cannot allow China to control our food supply”.

The Department of Agriculture has recently stated that as little as a year ago Chinese owners controlled about 192,000 agricultural acres of American farmland in the U.S., worth $1.9 billion. However, that’s not all China is trying to control; to correct their own food insecurity issues (to the detriment of our food security) they are set to buy up a quarter of America’s agricultural exports… pork, corn, and soybeans as well as expanding their presence in companies that own meat processing plants, grain elevators, and other agricultural related products.

If you think China is only buying up and destabilizing the United States, think again…China is using their One Belt-One Road Policy to control our allies as well. According to a 7/19/2021 article in Politico “the USDA reported in 2018 that China’s agricultural investments in other nations had grown more than tenfold since 2009”.

The short-term effects of China’s actions will be to continue destabilizing food prices for both the US farmers exporting to China as well as American consumers. The medium-term effects will be the inability of new farmers in the U.S. to afford land after the prices are bid up so high that it becomes cost prohibitive. The long-term effects of these Chinese actions will be our inability to feed ourselves thus putting our national security at risk.

As a nation I can only hope (although I am very skeptical) that we can come together to stave off the Chinese threat of controlling the world’s resources where we become beholden to their threats and ability to destabilize world economies and their resources.

Thank your politicians, corporations, and entertainers for the road we’re on.

Don’t trust The United States

Can anyone trust The United States?

I don’t know how many times over the past 16-17 years I have told people not to trust the United States “because when we decide to leave, you and your family will be left behind to be tortured and killed for supporting and working with the US and its western allies”.

I didn’t know when or how it was going to happen but just that it would; just like we did in Vietnam when we dumped everything overboard and scrambled to get out. A few fortunate ones made it out but for the millions left behind they faced a different reality.

How many men, women, and children did we leave behind to be tortured and killed?

In Afghanistan, the Joe Biden tuck and run policy was only icing on the cake for our allies and a civilian population that has had to live with a politicized U.S. Military Leadership and multiple failed US policies for nearly two decades. What do we have to show for past two decades – the release of terrorists and a nation of people that feel betrayed (we did so little, for so many, with so much).

NOTE: we did create extraordinary wealth for a few at the expense of an entire population we made reliant on the Military Welfare System. Why would someone sell to the local populace for $1 when they can sell the same thing to the US military for $50? Answer, they wouldn’t especially if they can continue to pay their labor force $3 a day.

Was the US Military Leadership a failure? Of course they were, instead of trying to win a war against an enemy that the American people really didn’t know or care about, they used Afghanistan as a testing ground on a population for weapons and systems they could scale up to use at a future time against our real enemies or even against our own people. If that wasn’t bad enough, much of the senior leadership seemed more interested in their next career with a major corporation that supports the Military Industrial Complex instead focusing on the mission at hand.

Have you ever bio-scanned and tracked a civilian population? Could that happen here?

Was our objective for going into Afghanistan a failure? Of course it was, we didn’t go into Afghanistan to win a war, we went in to create a symbolic gesture in the hopes of claiming victory on the decks of an aircraft carrier or in front of a grand stand with a ticket tape parade. When this didn’t happen, we played the game for nearly two decades.

Was Counterinsurgency (COIN) a failure? Of course it was, we seemed to have had a red-out strategy instead of a green-out strategy. We dumped money and resources into the red areas (those areas where we were hated the most) to the detriment of our allies in the green areas (those areas where we were welcomed as friends and allies). In other words we rewarded our enemies and SH!% on our allies.

We now look weaker than we ever have and we left a country on China’s southern border only to have their resources used against us at the same time that we have spent nearly two decades building what I call Taliban Training Camps throughout the country.

The silver lining in this may be for the True U.S. Freedom Fighters that may feel overwhelmed by their own country turning against them; take solace in knowing if a poor goat herding country can outlast and beat the most powerful nation on earth than you should never give up hope and continue to be a true Freedom Fighting Revolutionary (your family’s freedom depends on it).