As the smoke begins to clear in Afghanistan.

As the smoke begins to clear from a failed withdrawal attempt of Afghanistan (the hasty/unplanned extraction of Americans, Afghan Allies and others) we begin to see a much clearer picture of how much devastation has been caused on the ground.

Events leading up to the failure:

According to the current occupant of the White House, it was Trump that kept the American casualties to zero by having a conditional withdrawal of the United States from Afghanistan. It seems Trump made an agreement with the Taliban where the US would pull out of Afghanistan by May 2021 and if any Americans were killed there would be swift consequences. After the election Biden renegotiated the deal with the Taliban and then proceeded with an ill-advised plan to close Bagram Air Base and pull out the American Military prior to getting out the American Civilians, Afghan Allies and others in a safe and orderly fashion (there is some discussion whether the top-ranking military leadership encouraged or advised against this plan).

Renegotiating with the Taliban:

The United States intelligence and diplomatic agencies in coordination with the political leadership has been in regular contact with the Taliban attempting to renegotiate what many have called our terms-of-surrender. The facts on the ground seem to be undisputable: the US was able to renegotiate the May 2021 date but failed to move another deadline of August 31st (did Joe want to do this on 9/11?); the US gave the names of Americans, Afghan Allies and others to the Taliban in an effort to provide protection for those stranded and facing torture and certain death at the hands of the Taliban; and the US negotiated with the Taliban to provide perimeter protection for the Kabul Airport and the American military on the ground as well as to provide safe passage for those traveling to the airport.

What happened:

Leading up to one of the largest failures in American history, the Taliban began to take over portions of Afghanistan (with our knowledge) and the intelligence seemed to indicate that eventually the Taliban would take Kabul and the rest of Afghanistan. With that knowledge in hand, the decision was made to abandon the Bagram Air Base and take away the air support for the Afghan National Army (ANA). It wasn’t much longer until the Taliban was able to take most what was left of Afghanistan including Kabul and let out thousands of prisoners (Al Qaeda, ISIS-K, Haqqani Network etc…) held in Bagram and elsewhere. The Taliban used the names given to them by the United States plus other documents found to find and kill our Afghan allies and then they reportedly took American passports at the checkpoints they set up but somehow failed to stop a bomb from getting through and killing 13 American Military Service Members and killing and wounding many more Afghans.

Knowing that the American public was losing lost faith and confidence in our Political and Military Leadership and in an effort to change the narrative to regain some-credibility, they used the distraction of drones to strike and kill a couple of people that were supposedly involved in the Kabul Airport bombing (Hey we did something). As the messages begin to wane such as “take the FU#@ing Military and Go Get The American Citizens You FU$^ing Chickenshit”, and as the critical left-wing media begin to retract statements such as “Biden in turmoil as blast in Kabul raises leadership questions”, will the Biden doctrine of “life is hard, let them die” rule the day or will Kamala be sworn in as the next occupant of the White House? Only time will tell. [No, I am not a fan of Kamala]

Should Biden/Harris/Joint Chiefs resign…. Never leave Americans behind?

How many Americans will be left behind.…Will they say the Americans left behind didn’t want to leave?

What happens from here; will our allies trust us, and will our enemies fear us?