Did The Jury Do Its Job Despite Attempts to Intimidate Them

The quick answer is YES, the jury did its job despite all the attempts to intimidate them.

What really Happened: The Kyle Rittenhouse Trial

Before we discuss the trial, the jury and the attempts to intimidate them, as well as, the aftermath of the trial, we need to remember that in August of 2020 Kenosha was a hotbed of violent criminals roaming the streets like a scene out of the movie PURGE.

However, the MSM would like you to believe they were all non-violent protestors (of the perpetually offended) and the ones that acknowledge the violence want you to believe these thugs were justified in their criminal acts because of some perceived injustice along the way.

What was this case all about?

The MSM will tell you this case was about a white nationalist/racist that decided to carry an assault weapon across state lines to hunt down and kill black folks.

The real facts are that Kyle didn’t have any affiliations with nationalist/racist groups nor did he carry a weapon across state lines, and as far as the reason why he was there, his family lived there, and he was trying to help out the folks in the area.

Let me ask you this:

  • Was this a politically motivated prosecution where the District Attorney brought this case because he had higher political aspirations and needed this win?
  • Were the anti-gun establishment minions taking another stab at the second amendment?
  • Were the race hustlers trying to create further division by pushing an oppressor/victim narrative?
  • Was Big Tech in bed with the MSM pushing a one-sided narrative allowing for their Anti-Kyle “if it bleeds – it leads” headlines while at the same time shutting down anyone and everyone they perceived as supporting Kyle (claiming it was violent hate speech)?

In my opinion, the answer is YES to all the above.

While the charges should have never been brought, the DA along with senior elected officials, race hustlers, Big Tech, and the MSM provided a false narrative that has been pushed for over a year. These kinds of actions did nothing except exacerbate the divisions within our country and stoke the fires of violence.

Some of these same people attempted to intimidate the jury prior to the trial, during the trial, and again during the deliberations. They used all means necessary to provoke a verdict in their favor; the bully pulpit at the White House, the well of the Capital, the MSM and social media, as well as the courthouse itself. Their message: give us the verdict we want or there will be violence in the streets.

This is the typical modus operandi of the new extreme left: try to convince, try to legislate it, try to command it, try to censor it, go to court, and if all else fails send in the brown-shirted thugs to intimidate anyone that dares speak out against the accepted narrative.

However, in this case anyway, the jury proved the system does work and jurors can do the right thing by voting not-guilty even in the face of sever backlash.

Furthermore, this case gives us hope that all is not lost when it comes to something so fundamental as the right to defend yourself when you reasonably feel that you are at risk for severe bodily injury or death.

What happens to this young man now; no one knows but let’s hope he isn’t trailed by those up to no good such as federal elected/un-elected officials trying to make a name for themselves or by thugs that didn’t like the just and deliberate outcome of this trial by jury.

Where do we go as a nation; fighting every day for the freedoms our forefathers fought for and that we are letting slip away.

Questions that still need to be answered:

  • Why did the District Attorney’s Office deliver a video to the defense that wasn’t the same as the one given to the State Crime Lab had?
  • Why did the District Attorney’s Office withhold the name of “jump kick man” until after the trial?
  • Why did MSNBC send someone to follow jurors from the courtroom to wherever they were going?
  • Why did Big Tech censor comments and memes they deemed supporting Kyle as violent, offensive, and hate speech (especially when they have liability protections)?

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