Don’t trust The United States

Can anyone trust The United States?

I don’t know how many times over the past 16-17 years I have told people not to trust the United States “because when we decide to leave, you and your family will be left behind to be tortured and killed for supporting and working with the US and its western allies”.

I didn’t know when or how it was going to happen but just that it would; just like we did in Vietnam when we dumped everything overboard and scrambled to get out. A few fortunate ones made it out but for the millions left behind they faced a different reality.

How many men, women, and children did we leave behind to be tortured and killed?

In Afghanistan, the Joe Biden tuck and run policy was only icing on the cake for our allies and a civilian population that has had to live with a politicized U.S. Military Leadership and multiple failed US policies for nearly two decades. What do we have to show for past two decades – the release of terrorists and a nation of people that feel betrayed (we did so little, for so many, with so much).

NOTE: we did create extraordinary wealth for a few at the expense of an entire population we made reliant on the Military Welfare System. Why would someone sell to the local populace for $1 when they can sell the same thing to the US military for $50? Answer, they wouldn’t especially if they can continue to pay their labor force $3 a day.

Was the US Military Leadership a failure? Of course they were, instead of trying to win a war against an enemy that the American people really didn’t know or care about, they used Afghanistan as a testing ground on a population for weapons and systems they could scale up to use at a future time against our real enemies or even against our own people. If that wasn’t bad enough, much of the senior leadership seemed more interested in their next career with a major corporation that supports the Military Industrial Complex instead focusing on the mission at hand.

Have you ever bio-scanned and tracked a civilian population? Could that happen here?

Was our objective for going into Afghanistan a failure? Of course it was, we didn’t go into Afghanistan to win a war, we went in to create a symbolic gesture in the hopes of claiming victory on the decks of an aircraft carrier or in front of a grand stand with a ticket tape parade. When this didn’t happen, we played the game for nearly two decades.

Was Counterinsurgency (COIN) a failure? Of course it was, we seemed to have had a red-out strategy instead of a green-out strategy. We dumped money and resources into the red areas (those areas where we were hated the most) to the detriment of our allies in the green areas (those areas where we were welcomed as friends and allies). In other words we rewarded our enemies and SH!% on our allies.

We now look weaker than we ever have and we left a country on China’s southern border only to have their resources used against us at the same time that we have spent nearly two decades building what I call Taliban Training Camps throughout the country.

The silver lining in this may be for the True U.S. Freedom Fighters that may feel overwhelmed by their own country turning against them; take solace in knowing if a poor goat herding country can outlast and beat the most powerful nation on earth than you should never give up hope and continue to be a true Freedom Fighting Revolutionary (your family’s freedom depends on it).

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