TRUMP may have been hated but Biden is a laughing-stock.

TRUMP may have been hated but Biden is a laughing-stock.

We are now about a week from what has to be described as the biggest failure to the end of a foreign conflict since the fall of Saigon. The questions we all have now are; where the F%^K was the Commander-in-Chief (and the entire administration) on the day of one of the United States’ biggest failures in history, WTF happened (how did the world’s greatest superpower fail so miserably after we were told this would never happen), and who will resign?

Joe told us all that there wouldn’t be people being airlifted out of Afghanistan like in Saigon, it will just never happen. According to White House National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan “The president did not think it was inevitable that the Taliban were going to take control of Afghanistan”. We now know that doesn’t appear to be the truth. More to come on what he knew and when he knew it (unless his cognitive capabilities are so diminished that they either force him to resign or they implement the 25th Amendment).

As bad as it was, I don’t think we ever knew it was even worse than we thought. We underestimated how big of a failure this really was/is. It turns out that the US Military pulled out of Bagram in the dead of night like a renter skipping on the rent (along with all the air-support in the region) and then we blamed the ANA for not standing up…but wait it also turns out that not only did we leave the Afghans in dire straits, our own military leadership along with our political leaders decided to leave American citizens behind as well. Our Military and Political Leadership is now the laughing-stock of the world; we look weak-willed and willing to cut-and-run from our enemies and willing to leave our own people and allies behind. Our national security is more at risk today than possibly at anytime in history.

As bad as things were/are on the ground our Commander-in Chief not only refused to speak to the American people while he was hiding out under his table, but he also refused to take calls from leaders around the world. Our Embassy has fallen – we have retreated, and now we have lost after 20 years and all we get is a message that the voice of the White House would not be available for the next week; WTF. This abandonment from our government left all of us asking where’s WALDO during the largest military and political failure in nearly 50 years.

In conclusion: even if all the contradictory statements coming out of this administration are true, should everyone go on vacation on the eve of the largest military pullout of a country in nearly 50 years…President, Vice President, CIA Director, Communications Director, etc…

  • The biggest question left is; who will resign and when?
  • Are the people on the ground getting conflicting advice on what to do to get out of Afghanistan?
  • Do you think arming the Taliban with our weapons to use against us and our allies is a reason to resign?
  • Do you think turning over our allies to be tortured and killed is a reason to resign?
  • Do you think turning over young girls to be raped and murdered by the Taliban is a reason to resign?
  • Do you believe the #METOO movement has shown itself to the world to be a sham (where are they now and why aren’t they not out fighting for woman and little girls in Afghanistan)?
  • Do you believe turning over $1 Trillion to the Taliban is a reason to resign?
  • What are our allies in Taiwan/Israel/Ukraine thinking today?
  • What are our enemies China/Iran/Russia thinking today?
  • Should Biden/Harris/Joint Chiefs resign today?….Never leave Americans behind?

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