How worried should we really be over the Omicron variant?

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Welcome friends to the Saturday Edition of the Morning Crier, the program that brings you the headlines from around the world in just 5 minutes.

What the HECK is going on with this CV? Was this a terrorist attack by China? Was it an accidental release that was so dangerous that it just keeps on mutating? Either way it seems like Fauci was correct about one thing, it doesn’t seem like we are ever going to get rid of it.,

That being said, it looks like the politicians have another strain out of Africa to keep us all locked up and at odds with one another. In the winters it’ll be the CV season and in the summers it’ll be riot season. They do seem to be perfecting the formula of divide and conquer.

How worried should we really be over the Omicron variant?

Reuters says: The World Health Organization on Friday classified the B.1.1.529 variant or Omicron as a SARS-CV-2 “variant of concern” saying it may spread more quickly than other forms of coronavirus. The new variant has over 30 mutations in the part of the virus that current vaccines target. It is also suspected of driving a spike in new infections in South Africa. Omicron’s mutations are likely to render certain CV-19 treatments including some manufactured antibodies ineffective said Dr. David Ho professor of microbiology and immunology at Columbia University.

But don’t worry because Novavax is developing vaccine that targets this new CV-19 variant.

So what are the reactions to this NEW variant?

The New York governor has declared a state of emergency in preparation and the U.S will restrict travel from eight African nations even though when President trump restricted travel he was considered a racist, I digress.

The Daily Mail asks the question, how did 10% of passengers to Holland from South Africa arrive with Covid when they all had NEGATIVE tests?

Alarms were today raised after one in ten passengers coming into the Netherlands from South Africa this morning tested positive for Covid and a wave of suspected cases of the new super-mutant variant were spotted in Europe.

Some 61 of those on the planes tested positive for the virus on PCR tests after they were stopped at the airport, despite having to provide proof of a negative lateral flow test taken within 24 hours before boarding the flight.

So what does our beloved non-elected leader, Fauci, have to say about all of this? He ‘Wouldn’t Be Surprised’ If Omicron Covid Variant Already In U.S

Back to the headlines from around the country;

The NEON Nettle. Texas School District Uses Armed Agents to Arrest Parents in Their Own Homes.

The Daily Mail. Canadian school CANCELS event with ISIS survivor Nadia Murad because her harrowing description of torture and rape ‘would be offensive to Muslims and foster Islamophobia’.

Info Wars. Biden Says Not Concerned About US Stock Market Plunge as He ‘Expected It’. Big Three US Automakers Agree To Not Mandate Vaccines For UAW Union Members. Top Physician Says Vaccines Will Be ‘Needed For Years’ to Combat ‘Ebola-Level’ Strain of COVID. Emergency! Watch General Flynn Predict Omicron Variant, New Lockdowns, And Controlled Economic Depression. Joe Biden Slammed for Calling Trump’s Travel Restrictions Racist, Xenophobic, Then Enacting His Own. SMOKING GUN: New Variant Appears Two Weeks After Big Pharma Readies New Variant Vaccine.

Breitbart. Joe Biden Voices ‘Great Concern’ About Omicron Variant that ‘Spreads Rapidly’. Joe Biden Slammed for Calling Trump’s Travel Restrictions Racist, Xenophobic, Then Enacting His Own. Atlanta Fed Bank President: Business Leaders Tell Me Supply Chain Issues Will Last Until ‘Middle of 2022,’ Possibly Into 3rd, 4th Quarter. Biden’s Build Back Better: IRS Audits for Working Class, Tax Cuts for the Rich. Armed Agents in Texas School District Arrest Concerned Parents in Their Own Homes. Woke Salvation Army Asks Donors to Offer ‘Sincere Apology’ for Whiteness: Christians Must ‘Evaluate Racist Attitudes’.

The Washington Times. Are vaccine mandates worth the hassle? Economists, lobby groups say voluntary measures work better. South Africa says it is being punished for reporting omicron strain. Gaming it out: Inside the Pentagon’s preparation for a China clash., VP Harris, Michelle Obama top Dem picks for 2024 if Biden doesn’t run again. and Jewish leaders worry about rising antisemitism from the left.

The Epoch times. DOI Pushes for Higher Fees for Offshore, Onshore Oil and Gas Companies. New York Governor Declares State of Emergency, Warns Omicron Variant Is ‘Coming’. Trump Says He Never ‘Thought of Going to War with China’. Ukraine’s President Claims Russia-Backed Coup Plot Involving Key Ukrainian Oligarch. Virginia Parents Raise Concerns Over ‘Extremely Invasive’ Survey That Promotes ‘Early Sexualization’. Pfizer Says It Could Rework COVID-19 Vaccine to Counter New Variant in 100 Days. Naturally Immune People at Little Risk of Reinfection, Severe Disease From COVID-19: Study.

Steve Quayle. Almost 3/4 Of World’s Dictators Have Been Supplied US Weapons & Military Assistance . Cancer expert says U.K. seeing spike in ‘non-covid deaths,’ nobody willing to call out vaccine elephant in the room . Florida Agriculture Commissioner Abusing Her Position to Suspend 2A Rights: Fried’s 22 suspensions raised the question of whether she was taking legal action as the state official in charge of the CWFL program, as part of her gubernatorial campaign. New variant hysteria comes from same institution that popularized lockdowns & previous COVID scares. NEARLY 2 MILLION Fully-Vaccinated People Have Tested Positive For COVID…72,000 Hospitalized…20,000 Deaths. COVID vaccines cause prion diseases. There is no doubt the mRNA vaccines are causing prion diseases. People didn’t have these diseases before the shot and suddenly they develop them after the shot. Prion diseases are incurable and always fatal.

Jellyfish News. Black Lives Under Attack and Other Lies About Rittenhouse Case. US Vulnerable to Electromagnetic Attack From Adversaries Such as China, North Korea. Leaked Documents Show Apple’s Attempts to Silence Whistleblowers. South Africa Medical Chief Says New COVID Mutation Has Only Produced “Very Mild Cases”. No euthanasia without COVID shot, death society rules. and How to escape Google.

Remember, No matter the event of the day don’t get distracted from their end goals of complete power and control over you and everything you hold dear.

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  1. mickmar21 says:

    This virus is the gift that keeps on giving for the top end of town and they are not pleased that people are beginning to not buy into the hype and hysteria that is promoted by media and politicians.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. prepperdaves says:

      We can only hope that this leads to the great awakening. The alternative won’t be good for anyone.

      It does appear that people around the world are waking up from their “WOKE” slumber. LOL

      Liked by 1 person

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