1 Billion COVID-19 Vaccines

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Today’s headlines from around the world in just 5 minutes. A Chaotic Trip to Hell called the Collapse of United states and Western Civilization as a whole.

  • From Reuters: China’s Z pledges another 1 billion COVID-19 vaccine doses for Africa.
  • From Reuters: Omicron found in Europe 11 days ago, jolts markets on vaccine fears.
  • From Info Wars: Unvaccinated Austrians Face Prison Time Huge Fines For Non-Compliance.
  • Info Wars: Oxford Professor: Official Data Shows Face Masks “Made No Meaningful Difference” to Infection Rates.
  • Breitbart: Top German Court Rules Lockdown Restrictions Were Constitutional.
  • Breitbart: Australia: Police Arrest Woman Accused of Setting Fire to Quarantine Hotel.
  • Breitbart: Biden Admin Afraid Iran Won’t Scale Back Nuke Program.
  • Zero Hedge: Maxwell Trial: Testimony Of “Lolita Express” Pilot Continues Today.
  • Zero Hedge: Moderna CEO Repeats That Vaccine Won’t Work For Omicron; Antibody Cocktails Also Need Modification.
  • The New York Post: World’s first living robots can now reproduce scientists say.
  • The New York Post: Ghislaine Maxwell’s lawyer reveals defense strategy: The Bible ‘manipulated’ victims and a ‘scapegoat’

Other headlines from around the world:

From John B Wells: Jellyfish News: Eighty Medical Centers Across America are Conducting COVID Vaccine Experiments on Children as Young as Six Months Old, Get Woke Go Broke. Salvation Army Quietly Removes Guide Telling White Donors To “Sincerely Apologize” For Their Racism After Intense Backlash, Twitter’s New CEO Does Not Care About or Honor American Rights and Freedoms Says “Our Role Is Not to Be Bound by First Amendment”.

From Steve Quayle: What Are We Waiting For Will Forced ‘Vaccines’ And Passports Be That Line That Ignites A Firestorm We are not voting our way out of this mess Everything our churches our institutions our system of government has all failed us, How the US Becomes Zimbabwe The fed changed its mandate from controlling the money supply to controlling inflation to controlling the stock market They keep putting money into the stock market causing more inflation, NO JAIL SENTENCE Antifa Valedictorian gets probation after attacking Senator’s office with an axe…Meanwhile American Citizens rot in a d c jail subjected to White Hating. 

No matter the event of the day, don’t get distracted from their end goals of complete power and control over you and everything you hold dear.

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