Does the Left Prefer To Cover Parents As Domestic Terrorists Than Cover The Waukesha Massacre?

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Today’s headlines from around the world in just 5 minutes. A Chaotic Trip to Hell called the Collapse of United states and Western Civilization as a whole.

  • Reuters, White House says DOJ will defend government’s authority to promote vaccine requirement.
  • Breitbart, Corporate Media Hungrier to Describe Parents as Domestic Terrorists than Accurately Cover Waukesha Massacre.
  • Info Wars, Victory! ANOTHER Federal Court Blocks Joe Biden’s Vaccine Mandate For Healthcare Workers — In All 50 States!
  • Zero hedge, US Officials Confirm Israel Behind Cyberattack On Iranian Gas Stations.
  • New York Post, Space Force general says US satellites are attacked on daily basis.
  • Jellyfish News, China’s Shipping Goes Dark, Enabling Criminality and Militarism.
  • The Blaze, ‘Our curriculum is deeply using critical race theory,’ Detroit Public Schools Community District superintendent says.

Other headlines from around the world:

Marfoogle News, Russia and China are attacking US satellites ‘every single day’ with lasers radio jammers and cyber attacks in a shadow space war. Putin warns West, Moscow has ‘red line’ about Ukraine. Democrats Considering ‘Nuclear Option’ On Kamala Harris. Steve Quayle, Ukraine ‘ready to strike Russian cities and nuke plants’ as Putin reveals hypersonic missile will be deployed in WEEKS. Coast to Coast A.M., The Hubble Telescope Checks In With the Most Distant Planets. World’s first living robots can now reproduce. Proof Of Existence Of Another Race Of Humanoids Found In The Caves Of The “Mongolian Amazon?”.

No matter the event of the day, don’t get distracted from their end goals of complete power and control over you and everything you hold dear.

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