Christians to be banned… $275B Deal with Chinese Communist Party

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Welcome friends to the Daily Edition of the Morning Crier, the program that brings you The Headlines From Around the World in 5 Minutes.

  • Disturbing prediction: Christians to be banned from jobs, bank accounts, money, plane travel…WND
  • Apple CEO Signed ‘Secret’ $275B Deal with Chinese Communist Party…Neon Nettle
  • China manipulating Canadian media, CSIS warns Trudeau…True North
  • FDA Now Says Pfizer Clinical Data Will Take 75 Years to Release…Info Wars
  • ‘It’s gonna be a matter of when, not if’: Fauci expects the definition of ‘fully vaccinated’ to change…The Blaze

No matter the event of the day, don’t get distracted from their end goals of complete power and control over you and everything you hold dear.

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