‘Everyone Will Be Turned to Radioactive Ash’…Communist China…Capitol Riot Officer…Justice Department…Republicans’…Bullet-Proof Cars

Welcome friends to the Daily Edition of the Morning Crier, the program that brings you The Headlines From Around the World.

I’m Don, your host on this Chaotic Trip to Hell called the Collapse of United states and Western Civilization as a whole….

  • Vladimir Putin warns NATO ‘everyone will be turned to radioactive ash’ over Ukraine moves…Mirror UK
  • DeSantis: American Elites Are ‘Number One Reason’ Communist China Has Got So Powerful…NEON NETTLE
  • Capitol Riot Officer Michael Fanone, Who Testified Before The Select Committee, Joins CNN…The Political Insider
  • Justice Department Eyeing Criminal Charges Against Border Patrol Agent Slandered in Fake “Whipping” Controversy…Big League Politics
  • Republicans’ Confidence Rebounds In December As Inflation Fears Ease…ZeroHedge
  • Data show triple-vaxxed more likely to get omicron than vaxxed…WND
  • High-Profile L.A. Crimes Spark Rush for Bullet-Proof Cars, Rolex Replicas and Safe Rooms…Hollywood Reporter
  • Elon Musk and Jack Dorsey are talking about ‘Web3’ – here’s what it is and why it matters…CNBC

No matter the event of the day, don’t get distracted from their end goals of complete power and control over you and everything you hold dear.

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